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ECE 8833

Fall 07
3 Hrs

Prof. D

T Th

9:35 --
10:55 pm


Class News


11 November 2007: Here is the last homework for the class -- Homework 6. It will be collected on 20 November 2007 (Tuesday).


25 October 2007: Updates on the notes page, including the fix of a few diffraction-section typos. Also, I included some personal notes on UTD since the K&P paper is a little dense for a beginner.


16 October 2007: Homework 5 -- to be conducted in the same groups as Homework 1 -- will be collected on Thursday, 1 November 2007.


3 October 2007: Homework 4 will be collected on 18 October 2007. Here are some helper Matlab functions if you were having trouble with those pesky Fresnel integral functions.

The notes page has also been updated.


27 September 2007: Homework 3 will be collected on 4 October 2007.


19 September 2007: Homework 2 will be collected on 27 September 2007.


31 August 2007: Homework 1 will be collected in two weeks. Please work in groups on this problem. Have fun!


24 August 2007: New notes for plane waves and geometrical optics are now available.


21 August 2007: Here are some review notes for phasors and the Helmholtz wave equation.


11 April 2007: Here is a tentative syllabus and flyer for this new course to be offered in Fall 2007.


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