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ECE 6361

Summer 2012

Prof. D


1:20 -- 2:30 pm

Van Leer 456

Class News

4 August 2012: Thanks for a great term and some particularly impressive projects. I have entered all the grades in t-square for your review. Have a good break/graduation!
23 July 2012: Compliance testing and the final (short) 3 project reports should be completed by Friday (27 July 2012). Please e-mail me your group report as well as peer evaluations.

Don't forget about the quiz on Wednesday (25 July 2012). The notes page has been updated to reflect our topical coverage.
4 July 2012: SAW Lab 3 is available and will be collected on Monday, 21 July 2012. This will be performed with your lab partner (not your project team). Also, class will not meet on Monday, 9 July 2012; you may use this time for lab or project group meetings. Regular lectures will resume on 11 July 2012.
26 June 2012: Reminder that Quiz 1 will be administered on Monday, 2 July 2012. It will be open-note, open-book, closed-internet and take about 30 minutes. The quiz content will cover the first 5 weeks of class. You may use the remainder of the class period to meet with your project groups.
24 June 2012: More resources on projects 1, 2, and 3 posted.
18 June 2012: Projects are posted (mostly). You should have received your team pairings via e-mail.
18 May 2012: Please fill out and turn in the preliminary questionaire by next week if you did not complete this during the first week of class.
12 May 2012: Welcome to Microwave Design Lab! Here is this year's syllabus.

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