Final project: The Martian Network


1. The project objectives

A communication network on the planet Mars is to be designed to enable inter-communication between all terminals on the surface of Mars as well as communication between them and the planet Earth. The terminals can be for instance landers, aerobots, ground vehicles, or even astronauts. It is planned that there will be up to 50 such terminals that should be free to move around the entire surface of Mars. Since they must be able to communicate among themselves and with the planet Earth at all times, a communication network that provides 100% of coverage at all times is required.

The target data rate on both Mars-Mars as well as Mars-Earth links is 1.5 Mbits/s. Each terminal should be in a position to maintain one link with another terminal on Mars as well as one link with Earth at the same time.

The problem statement in its entirety can be seen here: Problem Statement


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