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Open Course SatCom
Lecture 01: Introduction, Circular Orbits
video: Introduction, Circular Orbits
readings: Pratt pp 1-22
notes: ASD1
Lecture 02: Elliptical Orbits, Numerical Tools
Lecture 03: Orbital Perturbations, Look Angles
video: Orbital Perturbations, Look Angles
readings: Pratt pp 30-54

notes: ASD4, ASD5
Lecture 04: Spacecraft Subsystems
video: Spacecraft Subsystems
readings: Pratt pp 57-79
notes: ASD6
Lecture 05: Maxwell's Equations
Lecture 06: Electromagnetic Waves
Lecture 07: RF Link Budgets
video: RF Link Budgets
readings: Pratt pp 96-105
Lecture 08: Basic Antenna Theory
Lecture 09: Antennas
video: Antennas
readings: Pratt pp 80-92
notes: ANT2, Geometrical Optics
Lecture 10: Dish Antennas and Noise
video: Dish Antennas and Noise
links: NRAO Greenbank, Lunar Radio Astronomy
readings: Pratt pp 366-367, 105-106
Lecture 11: Noise Figure, Doppler Shifts
video: Noise Figure, Doppler Shifts
readings: Pratt pp 107-112
Lecture 12: SARSAT, Rain Attenuation
video: SARSAT, Rain Attenuation
links: SARSAT homepage, Case Study
readings: Pratt pp 461-463, 317-342
Lecture 13: Analog Video
Lecture 14: Sampling and Quantization
video: Sampling and Quantization
notes: VID3, Sampling Theorem
links: audio samples, context
readings: Pratt pp 201-209
Lecture 15: Baseband Video Encoding
video: Baseband Video Encoding
notes: VID4
readings: Pratt pp 172-179
Lecture 16: RF Digital Video
video: RF Digital Video
notes: VID5, modulation
readings: Pratt pp 179-186
Lecture 17: Digital Modulation Schemes
video: Digital Modulation Schemes
notes: VID6
readings: Pratt pp 187-191
Lecture 18: Digital Detection Theory
video: Digital Detection Theory
notes: Q-Functions
readings: Pratt pp 191-201
Lecture 19: Error Correction Coding
video: Error Correction Coding
readings: Pratt pp 273-291
Lecture 20: Multiple Access/Spread Spectrum
video: Multiple Access and Spread Spectrum
notes: SPS1

readings: Pratt pp 221-246, 257-266
Lecture 21: Introduction to GPS
video: Introduction to GPS
readings: Pratt pp 458-470
Lecture 22: Errors and Precision in GPS
video: Errors and Precision in GPS
links: RLSH2
readings: Pratt pp 471-481
Lecture 23: Augmented GPS Systems
video: Augmented GPS Systems
links: RLSH3
readings: Pratt pp 482-485
Lecture 24: Charged Media Propagation
Special Topic: Backscatter Link Budgets
Special Topic: RSS Location Systems
Special Topic: RF Energy Harvesting
Special Topic: Space Power Grid / Solar Power
video: The Space Power Grid Approach to Space Solar Power (Prof. Narayanan Komerath)
notes: eBook with Slides and Q&A
Special Topic: Sustainable Energy
Special Topic: How Digital Satellite Works
Special Topic: Radio Astronomy at ALMA, Chile
Special Topic: Quasistatic Location and Power
Special Topic: Timekeeping and Navigation
Practice Problems
Hwk Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
01 sol test sol test sol test sol
02 sol test sol test sol test sol
03 sol test sol test sol test sol
04 sol test sol test sol test sol
05 sol test sol test sol test sol
06 sol test sol test sol test sol
07 sol test sol test sol  




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